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2020 Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Our sommelier has pulled a great selection of wines that will pair well with your Thanksgiving meal, at the moment or even when the coveted leftovers get pulled out.

Selecting a wine that pairs well with your food doesn't have to be too complex and will ultimately come down to your personal preference. The beautiful thing about Thanksgiving is the diverse food selection that spans the table, typically. With this, a wide range of wines from white to red to even champagnes will work well.

The key to any good wine and the experience simply comes down to the company that you keep. Few thing are better than spending time with someone you love, sipping on a glass of wine and catching up.

To you and those that you are thankful for, Cheers!

Shop our family owned market 7-days per week. We offer a large selection if fine wine & spirits as well local beer that you can actually create your own 6-pack out of.

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