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Our Deli staff has been preparing daily specials for our customers’ family meals for years.


Our meals are prepared with the same Prime ingredients that are found in our meat and poultry cases; antibiotic and hormone free.


The freshest fruits and vegetables are delivered to our kitchen daily to create our signature soups, salads and hot foods to go. Comfort food favorites mingle with creations from our staff to delight the pallet.

Call and Ask About Our Daily Specials 

(626) 286-6767


Roast Beef

The sliced roast beef you'll find in Alexander’s Prime Meats case is roasted from our very own Prime Beef, cooked to perfection. Our roast beef sandwiches are tender and delicious.

Thumann's Meats

We feature Thumann’s Deli Meats because they only use the finest & freshest ingredients, guaranteeing the best tasting, healthiest products available.

No artificial flavors or colors, by-products, fillers or gluten are used. Thumann’s products are trans-fat free and contain absolutely no MSG.


Our cheese selection ranges from Tillamook Cheddar and Swiss cheeses for sandwiches to a wide variety of Artisan Cheeses, including: Asiago, Castello Bleu, Queso Manchego, Fromage d’Affinois, Piave Vecchio, Saga Blue Cheese, and Saint Agur.

We also feature Cypress Grove, World Champions of Cheese. Varieties we carry include:Midnight Moon, Truffle Tremor, Humboldt Fog, Purple Haze

Daily Specials

Our team specially prepares hot items every day, in addition to our deli case offerings and salads. The assortment changes daily but includes such items as low & slow brisket, smoked chicken, lasagna and much more!

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