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Family is the foundation that Howie's Market & Alexander's Prime Meats and Catering was built upon


Michael Milazo


The meat business has been my life since I was 14 years old. I had the privilege of learning from the masters. These men were my meat cutting heroes. Their business acumen, irreverent humor and knowledge of human nature honed over the years formed my foundation in this industry.


Phil Milazo


Every retail business has its own feel to it and our challenge five years ago when we took ownership of Howie’s was to have the market we wanted without losing the Neighborhood Market feel. My background in project management gave me a unique perspective into what could be done and how to make it happen.


Kim Alvarez

Delivery Manager

As our delivery manager, Kim works one-on-one with our customers on a daily basis. For 10 years she has created relationships and goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are well cared for.


Denise Milazo


For the past 10 years I have worked with Alexander’s Catering team to bring the overall look of your event to life. I enjoy meeting and working directly with clients. I am so proud of the product we provide and the beauty of our presentation. For the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of attending food and design shows to bring product in the store that I would want to have in my home. High quality ingredients are a must in all product I bring into the store.


Carlos Becerra

Howie's Manager

Carlos has lead our team for many years. With his 19 years with us, his knowledge of our customers  has allowed him to maintain our vision of keeping Howie’s a true neighborhood market, “Where everybody knows your name.”


Nicolas Furnari


Nicholas graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in 2009 and did his internship at Bistro 45 in Pasadena. The addition of our nephew in 2010 elevated our catering to the next level with his extensive knowledge of the industry from concept to reality.


Kirsten Nolan


I grew up in & around Alexander’s Meats. It was a way of connecting with my Dad that I came to love. Working as his bookkeeper had its challenges, but also helped me learn the ins and outs of his business. The words Family Owned hold special meaning. As our business expanded into the ownership of  Howie’s Market, and my husband, Mom and brother came on board to form our team, our family bond became even closer.


Luis Hernandez

Alexander's Manager

With an extensive background in meat cutting, Luis knows how to utilize his crew’s unique and individual skill sets, allowing each butcher to showcase their individual talents. 

Untitled design (41).png

Susana Selgado


Susie has been a part of our culinary team for many years. Her eye for design & presentation make our catered food come alive. Her creativity has brought many new offerings to our catering and to Alexander's Deli. Susie's background consists of apprenticing at La Parisienne Restaurant in Monrovia and working under Chef Beth Ginsberg and local Chef Kathy Dekarr.


Michael Nolan


I came to Howie’s after working in both the Wholesale and Retail side of business. Like many of our customers, I found my home. With Howie’s traditions and reputation in mind, Kirsten and I have built a staff that we believe is second to none. With such a great team I can assure our customers not only the finest quality groceries but a top-notch customer service experience that can’t be found in big box stores.


Victor Wong

Produce Manager

I started my produce career in 1988 and joined Howie's in 1995. I always take my job seriously because I know our customers come to Howie's for quality produce and service. I always do my best to maintain the fresh quality of produce that Howie's has been known for in our community and surrounding neighborhood.

Untitled design (41).png

Vilivaldo Robles


Every organization has a person behind the scenes who makes the rest of the staff look good. Billie is that person for us. His many talents include creating authentic flavors of our ethnic food selections. He came to us with many years of experience working in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) kitchens

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