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Wine Tasting: Jolie-Laide Winery | Sun Oct 13 3-6PM

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with a unique tasting experience that celebrates the obscure and the delicious. Join us for an extraordinary afternoon as we present the exceptional wines of Jolie-Laide, a small winery known for its commitment to sustainability and well crafted wines.

Date: Sunday October 15th

Time: 3-6PM


Why You Don't Want to Miss This:

Jolie-Laide, meaning "Pretty Ugly" in French, is a winery that beautifully redefines what wine can be. Their focus on lesser-known grape varieties and artisanal winemaking techniques results in truly outstanding wines. Scott Shultz, a gifted winemaker, is renowned for his innovative approach. With an emphasis on organic farming and minimal intervention, he creates expressive, terroir-driven wines. His dedication to showcasing the unique qualities of each vineyard and grape variety results in exceptional, sustainable wines that captivate the palate.These are the hidden gems that deserve to be tasted.

Also, We are thrilled to announce that Sasu from Revel Wines will be joining us to pour and educate you on these extraordinary Jolie-Laide wines. This event is even more special because these wines have been a favorite of our buyer, Anthony. He has worked with these wines for the past decade and can't wait for you all to discover why Jolie-Laide holds a special place in his heart. Featured Wines:

  • 2022 Trousseau Gris

  • 2022 Sauvignon Gris

  • 2022 Mondeuse

  • 2022 Glou d'Etat Red Blend

  • 2021 Red Wine

  • 2020 Syrah

  • 2019 Syrah

  • 2020 Grenache

It's a rare opportunity to explore these limited production wines! Bring your friends, family, and fellow nerds, and let's raise our glasses to a night of discovery. Cheers to the obscure and the delicious! Warm regards,

Howie's Wine Team

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