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Whether it’s Black Cod from the icy waters of the North or John Dory from New Zealand’s steel blue sea, Alexander’s seafood buyers are very particular.

Every effort is made to offer only fresh never-frozen fish for our customers. Our seafood is delivered fresh daily. If our suppliers do not have the quality and freshness that we expect, you won’t find it in our seafood case.

We have been buying from the same local seafood suppliers for 50 years.

Fresh In Our Case

Available daily

Alaskan Halibut, Black Cod, Boneless trout fillet, Chilean Sea Bass, Orange Roughy, Petrale Sole, Sandabs, Pacific Red Snapper, Swordfish, Tilapia, Yellow-Fin Ahi Tuna, Fresh Albacore Tuna

Salmon: Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon, Canadian Organic Salmon, Wild Salmon from the Pacific Northwest  


Available year round: Alaskan King Crab (select portions), Broiler Claws, Atlantic Lobster Tails as well as Western Australian Lobster Tails

Apple wood Smoked Salmon, Nova Lox, Scottish Lox, Alexander’s Grav-lox - made in-house

Seasonal Availability

Limited availability

Please call ahead

Alaskan Troll Wild Salmon, Arctic Char, Dungeness Crab, Hawaiian Opa,

Live Santa Barbara Spot Prawns, Live Soft Shell Crabs, Local Baquetta Sea Bass

Steelhead, Sturgeon

Special Order

Pre-order required for any of these as well as hard to source fish

Barramundi, Branzinni, Escolar, John Dory 


Lake Superior Whitefish, Mahi Mahi

Wide selection of eastern & western shell Oysters

American and Imported Caviar 

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