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Soul Revival

In keeping with the bourbon theme, one of my favorite drinks comes from one of the best (if not THE best) restaurant in Marin County: Insalata’s in San Anselmo. I loved this drink so much that I ordered it after it was removed from the menu and the awesome bartender printed out a copy of her recipe for me.

Amaro has become a staple in the cocktail world, but a lot of it is too bitter for my tastes. My mom and aunt will drink Campari on the rocks, which just tastes awful to me. To each their own…

Amaro Nonino Qunitessentia is more my style, as it combines the bitter with the sweet. As the Food and Wine blog notes about Amaro Nonino, due to a“fierce backbone of gentian, there’s an undeniable bitter throughline. But thanks to elements of citrus, especially orange, and the rich honeyed character of its grappa body, there’s a supple sweetness that keeps it bright and lively”

Any high end bourbon can be used for the drink, but I used Few Bourbon with this one. Few is a Northern bourbon made with 20% rye grain, which gives it a spicy finish that can balance the sugars inherent in the drink.

Once again, the citrus here comes from lime juice, the mint adds accent, and a float of club soda transforms it from a heavy drink to something a little lighter.

I mixed a few of these up for our toned down Thanksgiving celebration this year. They were a hit.

1 oz. Amaro Nonino

1/2 oz. Simple Syrup

3/4 oz lime juice

5-7 mint leaves

2 dashes Peychaud bitters

2 oz. club soda

Combine all ingredients except soda and shake on ice. Add soda and double strain into a an ice filled collins glass. Garnish and enjoy with a friend.

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