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Summer is Here! Farmer's Market @ Howie's Alexanders

It’s the best season of the year for produce, because there are so many varieties of summer fruits available to our customers. Every summer we bring in stone fruits like peaches, nectarines and apricots from Sweet Home Ranch in Dinuba, California.

Sweet Home Ranch is part of the California Clean Growers Association which is a group of farm families who joined together in 1988 for the express purpose of discovering and promoting cleaner farm practices. Working along with field of experts, they developed growing methods that are safe, sensible, and sustainable. They have selected practices and materials designed to be the most effective, least toxic, least ecologically disruptive, and most gentle to the environment.

With their clean growing practices, their fruits are healthier and amazingly good. Both yellow peaches and nectarines have a deep yellow flesh and very tasty. The white peaches are juicy and sweet. My favorite is the white nectarines, they have a very high sugar content. Once you taste it you will be craving more.

We are starting up our Farmer’s Market this weekend featuring the stone fruits from Sweet Home Ranch, along with seedless watermelon and sweet white corn. We will be adding more items every week. Apricots from the Ranch are almost ready. Sweet Home Ranch apricots are so sweet and juicy that you don’t want to miss them.

See you this Father’s Day weekend and check out our Farmer’s Market with all these amazing fruits!

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