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Natural Immune Boosters

Having had a kidney transplant for more than half my life, I have learned many natural ways of boosting my immune system without overloading it with to much that it could fight off the kidney, which is actually a thing!

When you have a transplant, it takes a lot of education of knowing what vitamins are okay to take that do not interfere with anti-rejection medicines ( always consult with a doctor before taking supplements). I have learned ways to help my body thrive without overloading the immune system. There are many items that can be found on your grocery store shelves that help with natural anti inflammatory. Our world is full of toxins that we cannot avoid and our bodies need help releasing this junk out of our delicate systems.

Michael and I are strong believers in Turmeric/Curcumin. Anyone who knows us, knows that Turmeric /Curcumin goes in every dish we make (even refried beans).

Curcumin is the main active ingredient in Turmeric and can be found in a supplement form (helps build immune systems).

Turmeric on the other hand can always be found in our spice isle and often times fresh in our produce department. Turmeric is known to be a powerful antioxidant and should be consumed daily to fight off toxins.

The main reasons that antioxidants are so important and beneficial is that they protect the body from free radicals. So, get your Turmeric tomorrow and put it in everything! It is super universal and I guarantee your family will have no idea it’s hidden in their food!

Now, our families favorite all Natural Anti Inflammatory (in regards to fruits) is Pineapple. Again, for those of you who have known our family for many years, you know how we have had a few surgeries here and there. Pineapple is our #1 go to! We learned along the way, that Bromelain is an enzyme mixture that lives within the pineapple plant. Bromelain has been used in the past (in supplement form) to help relieve sinus problems, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion issues.

Before and after any surgeries, we have always made sure to have pineapple on hand. It’s a great way to build the body up before any activity that can be strenuous. You can eat it fresh, freeze it for smoothies, or get it in juice form. We always have Organic Pineapple juice across from ice in freezer isle, or cut fresh daily in our produce section, you can also find Organic frozen chunks in our freezer.

I hope you and your loved ones can benefit from this lil blip of info. It sure has helped our family on a daily, keep our bodies free of as many toxins possible.

Stay Healthy and Be Well.

Kirsten Nolan

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