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Memorial Day Specials @ Howie's!

First of the Season Troll-Caught Wild California Chinook King Salmon from Santa Barbara Channel Friday-Monday $27.99/lb

Why Are Troll-Caught Salmon So Special? Trollers are small fishing vessels operated by one or two people who fish with a number of lines and hooks. No fish is treated with more care from the time it leaves the water until it is delivered to the retailer's door.

Looking for a great recipe to make for Memorial Day? Check out our Chef's Corner recipe for Grilled King Salmon on Tasso Cornbread with Blueberry Barbecue Sauce!

Produce Specials

white corn: $.69/ea (regular $.89/ea)
seedless watermelon: $.69/lb (regular $.99/lb)
red cherries: $2.99/lb (regular $3.99/lb)

We are open regular hours this weekend:

Friday: 8AM-7:30PM
Saturday: 8AM-7:30PM
Sunday: 8AM-7:00PM
Monday: 8AM-7:30PM

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