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Honor Mother Earth Today and Throughout the Year

Earth Day was established in 1970 designating April 22nd to honor our planet. It has been held annually ever since. The support to demand protection of the planet’s environment has grown worldwide every year.

Global warming is a serious issue and it could affect our way of living. We should all take action and do our part to restore our Earth.

Promoting organic farming is one way to combat the effects of global warming. Unlike conventional techniques which rely heavily on pesticides to make the crops resistant to diseases and boost farm production.

Organic farming is all about natural cultivation practices, which eliminate the use of pesticides. Organic methods ensure that the soil is healthier and more useful, with its carbon and nitrogen cycle well balance.

As a family-owned market whose goal is to be your neighborhood partner, we at Howie's Market have expanded our organic selections in our produce department and throughout the store.

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