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Gluten Free Options

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Living a Gluten Free lifestyle can be challenging for many reasons but one main one is finding foods that fit. Our family has history with gluten intolerance so expanding into this category is something we are excited about. Each week we get new products, from fresh to frozen and breakfast to your late night snacking, we have something for you (and your tastebuds).

A few newer additions:

  • CauliPower pizzas ready to toss in the over or Green Giant crusts to create your own culinary masterpiece.

  • Brazi Bites Cinnamon Churros

  • Ancient Harvest penne and Daiya deluxe cheddar cheese sauce for the most comforting mac & cheese

A great meal idea would be a lemon pepper tilapa on a bed of pasta and served with some steamed vegetables. Our meat counter has a tremendous selection of fresh fish and then our produce department has hand washed, fresh produce.

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