Father's Day Weekend Specials @ Howie's!

Happy Father's Day! We have specials throughout the store to help you prepare to treat the Dad in your life. Fire up the barbecue and enjoy the day!

Meat & Seafood

  • Chicken Kabobs $8.99 (reg $9.99)

  • Prime Beef Kabobs $11.99 (reg 14.99)

  • Swordfish Kabobs $14.99/lb (reg $19.99)

  • Jalapeno Poppers $2.50 ea (reg $3.50)

We are also featuring our FIRST OF THE SEASON WILD CAUGHT SALMON - ??/LB


  • White corn at $.69/each (reg $.89/each)

  • Seedless watermelon at $.59/lb (reg $.89/lb)

  • Howie's fresh squeezed orange juice half gallon at $9.99/each (reg $12.99/each)

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