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Chef's Corner: Turkey Time - Brining a Bird!

In all likelihood you already know exactly how you plan on cooking your holiday turkey (we're partial to an old L.A. Times recipe that puts stuffing under the skin). No matter what recipe you favor, here's a tip that could change your bird experience forever.

You might be familiar with the process of brining, where food items are submerged in a salt solution. Did you know you can skip the water? With chicken or turkeys, "Dry brining" is the technique where you rub the salt (sometimes with the addition of spices and even a little sugar) onto the bird (we do it both under and on top of the skin).

More importantly, this gives you the chance of rubbing baking powder all over the bird. This results in a amazingly browned and crispy skin. Instructions and the science are all explained over at Serious Eats. By the way, dry brining isn't limited to poultry. Give it a try. It really works!

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I dry brine almost everything. It's the only way to season the inside of proteins.

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