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Tater Tot Waffles

Tater Tots take me right back to my childhood. Growing up, I remember weekends when my brother and I were home with mom and tater tots were baked and served for lunch. We used to bake them off, salt them with garlic salt and use ketchup for dipping. Alone and simple, tater tots were always delicious enough to eat an entire bag in one sitting with the help of a hungry sibling. Our family to this day still loves them!

In honor of National Tater Tot Day, we tried to find a recipe that was different and delicious. We found this amazing recipe online for Tater Tot Waffles that I think you will really enjoy. This dish is a perfect offering to serve at a brunch, for a small gathering (or can be made for two). The recipe is simple and will for sure impress your family or guests. You will need a waffle iron for this recipe, and of course, I made a few changes of my own as you will see.

Tater Tot Waffle with Spicy Sausage and Feta by Justin Chapple <