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Stuffed Mushrooms, a Family Favorite

I love to put a spin on an original recipe! This is why I am not a good baker. Baking requires discipline and precise measurements. If you’re baking, you have to be a rule follower!

I grew up in a house that was creative in the kitchen. Our family worked with what ingredients we had in the house at the time. If a recipe called for one kind of cheese and we did not have it, we substituted with another kind of cheese. We were Chopped Champions before the hit show came about :)

Mushroom stuffing can be most versatile. I put a few combo favorites of my own together that we used growing up. Hope you enjoy!

Recipe for Italian Stuffed Mushrooms

  • (1) package of Furnari Sicilian Sausage or Alexander’s Meats Spicy ITALIAN Sausage

  • (24) large button mushrooms, cleaned and bottoms removed

  • (1½) cups Italian breadcrumbs

  • (½) onion - diced

  • (1) bunch basil - julienned

  • (2) bunches flat leaf parsley - chopped

  • (3) cloves chopped garlic

  • (1½) cups grated Romano cheese