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September Produce Report from Howie's Market

September is the transition between summer and fall fruits and vegetables. Most summer fruit is still available this month, but not for long as the season turns to fall. Vegetables like summer squash, corn, and tomatoes are still plentiful for this month.

Fall fruits like apples and pears should be coming in late this month. But before that grapes are the best fruit for this month.

Grapes are a small fruit that grows on a vine - common colors include green and red/purple. Most grapes are grown for wine, but they are also a fantastic snack for warmer months! They’re light, refreshing and easily packed for picnics, summer lunches and more.

Grapes are jam-packed with nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K and powerful antioxidants that may improve your health in numerous ways. They are also a great addition to a cheese board for your next gathering! So enjoy them while they’re at their peak season through the end of October.

If you are not sure what seasonal produce is available, please ask one of our produce personnel, we would love to help you with all of your produce needs and answer any questions you might have!

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