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Let's Talk Turkey Breast

We are offering turkey breasts Sous Vide style this year as we all pivot to a new way of feasting for Thanksgiving.

The Sous Vide method allows us to cook the turkey breast to an optimal temperature and ensure the breast does not get dried out or overcooked.

{We were featured on CBS L.A. yesterday, actually, talking about our breats. See segment here }

The process begins with removing the Shelton Turkey breast from the bird. Since our core business is a butcher shop, we do have some folks with impeccable knife skills around here. From there, we season the half breast with our signature seasoning, add a dab of butter and place the breast in a sealed pouch before submerging it into a temperature controlled water bath.

Once you have the Sous Vide turkey breast at home, simply allow it to rest for 2-hours at room temperature before finishing it off at home. We recommend you brown it on both sides in a hot pan then pop it into the oven for about 15 minutes to finish it off. The last step is the best one; eat & enjoy!

I've been doing these Sous Vide breasts for a couple of years now and I must say, they are absolutely amazing; full of flavor, tender and juicy. It is the perfect poultry entrée.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast from all of us at Alexander's Prime Meats & Howie's Market. We are so thankful for you and your business.

- Chef Nico

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