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Kindness Rocks

Our family & team is a group of huggers. It is just second nature to us. It is how we say hello, good morning, goodbye, goodnight or simply offering comfort during a stressful time. During this pandemic we are in, we haven't been able to greet people the way we once did.

We came across the Kindness Rocks Project and started researching it further and found a few groups in the L.A. area that all focus on this initiative; paint rocks, spread kindness and give joy. We were hooked!

This is a segment on the Today Show where the founder of the Kindness Rocks Project talks about how this all got started and how it has become a global phenomenon.

Our team decided to launch the San Gabriel Rocks group. Anyone can join the Facebook Group, engage in camaraderie and work together to spread kindness & love. By sharing the process, brainstorming ideas, providing tips & tricks and simply having fun is what this Facebook group is all about. It is a movement!

The rocks can be painted with a design or a positive message, both are great at bringing smiles to peoples faces and joy to their heart. The most important part about this is you DO NOT have to be a professional artist to partake. It is such a relaxing and amazing activity that everyone can enjoy.

Supplies can be found on Amazon and we have shared some getting started tips in our Facebook Group, or you can find great resources & tutorials online through various sources such as The Painted Rock Life.

One of the ways we are helping launch this initiative locally is by offering Rock Kits, to get started, at no charge. You simply stop into the store and grab one!

Each kit includes 10 rocks and 10 labels. The labels go on the back of the rock and they simply tell others, who aren't familiar with this initiative, a bit more about it.

*Tip/Trick: To get the labels to stick, simply put a clear coat or decoupage after you complete the rock painting.

Traditionally, folks have painted rocks and then placed them randomly around their towns for others to find. Once found, people snap a photo of them and post it to our Facebook Group. It is so lovely to be the creator of the rock, know it was found and appreciated.

Since this is a newer group and it will take a while for hiding & finding to happen, we are adding another component to the initiative. Within the next week, you will find our Kindness Rocks Garden at the store.

This garden will be the home to many great rocks for others to enjoy. Once you paint a rock, or several, simply place them in the garden. Others can simply enjoy the view or take one home if it means something to them.

Creating this positive "hug" is something we are very excited about and hope you join us!

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