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Drink Local & #SaveLABeer

A couple of months ago, while scrolling through social, I came across a movement that the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild started to help save the LA Brewing community. This organization represents the more than 90 breweries in Los Angeles county with initiatives, events and legislation geared at helping them thrive & survive.

During the pandemic, like so many other businesses, the brewery industry was suffering. The main crux of their issue was the imbalance in the rules; breweries could not reopen unless they had food to serve BUT they weren't allowed to partner with a 3rd party such as a food truck, for example, that would solve that issue. The rules that were in place for other industries that afforded them to reopen were not applied to the breweries and a separate standard was applied. So, the vast majority of breweries that were left in shut down mode were in dire straights.

We wanted to use our position to jump in and help however we could so we jumped to action. We created a custom campaign, Save The Beer, where we started stocking as many breweries as we could all in single can form then allowed customers to create their own 6-pack. It was a HIT! Our store was flooded and our inventory was all but wiped out the 1st weekend.