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The Perfect Burger

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Burgers are the key to a summer menu, and cooking a perfect one is as easy as 1-2-3. Here's our simple process:

1. Seasoning

You can throw our burgers on the grill unseasoned...they're that flavorful, but for the perfect burger, throw a little salt and pepper on it just before cooking. Lightly seasoning draws out natural flavors in the meat and help develop a light crust.

2. Cooking

Whether cooking on a grill or stovetop, make sure your heat is high. Sear the burger for a few minutes on each side to let the crust form. Only flip once, and don't press down. Doing so, will squeeze the flavorful juice from the burger. Once the crust is formed, move the burger to lower heat and let it cook to your desired temperature or doneness.

3. Resting

Like all red meat cuts, let your burger rest for a few minutes after removing from the heat source. It doesn't need to rest long, but a few minutes sitting before serving will do wonders for yielding a perfectly juicy burger.

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