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Veterans Day | A lot to be Thankful for!

Since its inception in 1968 through the signing of the Uniform Holiday Bill, this federal holiday has been a day for all of us to come together and thank those who served our country, in war or peace, for the sacrifices they made.

Since this day originally came about due to World War I, some of our allies from that multinational effort also celebrate their veterans on November 11. The only difference is the name of the day and their commemoration efforts but the intent is the same; pay respects and give thanks.

Having been in business since the 60's and being a family owned & operated neighborhood market, we get to know our customers quite well. It has been our pleasure serving those that have served us and getting to know each of you by name.

Thank you, Veterans, for doing what you do so that we can do what we do. Your bravery and dedication does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Bless you!

Come shop with us today and as a Veteran, you receive 10% off your ENTIRE purchase. Anything in the store. No exclusions!

Also, Billy is making up some of his secret recipe Fried Chicken to give everyone that wants to enjoy it a feeling of home. Nothing says love & hugs like down home cookin'!

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