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Mimosa Jam and Goat Cheese on Toast

Here's a simple and delicious meal that's perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or late night snack. Stonewall Kitchen Mimosa Jam, available at Howie's, is made with tangerines, oranges and Champagne. Pair it with a good goat cheese and perhaps a couple of eggs and you've got an exquisite meal in minutes.

Jam and Goat Cheese on Toast

  • Multi-Grain bread (or any other bread that you enjoy)

  • Mimosa Jam or similar

  • Goat Cheese

  • Pepper

  • Rosemary. Preferably fresh, chopped fine

Toast the bread. Top with goat cheese and jam. Grind fresh pepper over the bread and sprinkly just a tiny bit of rosemary on top of that.

Feel free to keep slathering on more jam! If you want to make it a more substantial meal, consider eggs. Our dinner included a simple omelet with tarragon and chives mixed in. Of course any egg preparation that suits your fancy would be great. Bacon or the like would add even more substance. While the picture shows one slice of bread on the plate with the omelet, we actually ate two slices each.

WINE SUGGESTION: We had a good, dry, Sauvignon Blanc. Also think Sparkling/Champagne.

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