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Chef's Corner: Dim Sum Dinner

Dim Sum is a Chinese meal consisting of a variety of small plates, usually served with tea. Our first experience with it was in a huge Dim Sum house in San Francisco where women would push heated carts, laden with piles of delicacies, between tables. Just point at what you want. We consider Yank Sing in San Francisco one of the best dim sum places anywhere, and one of our favorites is their Char Siu Bao, steamed pork buns. We present our adaption of the recipe from their own cookbook, Classic Deem Sum: Recipes from Yank Sing Restaurant, San Francisco by by Henry Chan, Yukiko Haydock and Bob Haydock.

But you don't have to make a dim sum plate from scratch. A relatively new addition to the dim sum universe are "soup dumplings", little dumplings that have soup inside of them, often slurped from a spoon with vinegar ginger and scallions. Howie